Fireflies! 1.3

Catch fireflies in the forest

Fireflies! is a puzzle game where you use light to capture fireflies. View full description


  • Great gameplay
  • Multiple game modes
  • Good visuals


  • Lots of trial and error

Very good

Fireflies! is a puzzle game where you use light to capture fireflies.

The basic gameplay of Fireflies! is to set up chain reactions to capture different types of fireflies. The game offers three gameplay modes: story, arcade, and zen.

Fireflies!'s arcade mode offers 60 levels of gameplay, introducing different varieties of fireflies that have different abilities based off their color. These fireflies can help you create longer chains to complete each level. You have to capture a specific number before completing the level. Arcade mode is a consistent mode that has capture quotas to continue, and zen mode is a free mode where you can set off multiple light bursts forever.

Visuals in Fireflies! are excellent, with the static background focusing gameplay on the fireflies as they travel on the screen. The different kinds all have the same shape, but the colors are a great indicator of how they react when they are captured. The story mode's presentation is like a story book and introduces a family friendly theme.

Gameplay in Fireflies! is easy at first, but the difficulty does increase with the higher amount of fireflies that have to be captured. Sometimes it can get frustrating. But the random paths that the fireflies take add a lot of replayability.

Fireflies! is a great puzzle game that never feels like the same experience any time you play it.



Fireflies! 1.3

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  • Thud-SF

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    I played this on my flight yesterday and it was perfect for passing the time. I had headphones on, like it suggested, a... More.

    reviewed on July 16, 2012